Houses in new residence hall named after FSHN representatives

In keeping with the tradition of naming residence hall houses after individuals who have made an impact on Iowa State University (ISU), two of the 14 houses in the new Geoffroy residence hall have been named for women with ties to food science and human nutrition.

One of the houses, Day House, located on the east side of the building on the fifth floor, is named after Mildred “Millie” Day. Known as the creator of Rice Krispie Treats, Day is a 1928 graduate of ISU with a degree in home economics.

Before Day graduated from college, she already had a job lined up with Kellogg’s. She was in charge of testing recipes and later was tasked with leading cooking schools in approximately 38 states for Kellogg’s customers, according to information on the ISU Department of Residence website.day-geoffrey-hall_8284-small

Several sources claim it was in 1939 that the Rice Krispies Treat was created by Day and co-worker Malitta Jensen. Initially, the treats were called “marshmallow squares” and were first introduced to the public six months later by Camp Fire girls in the Kansas City area who sold the treats for a fundraiser.

During the 2001 Veishea celebration, Day’s memory was honored by an effort to make the world’s largest Rice Krispies Treat. Though the oversized treat fell short of the world record, its final weight came in at 2,480 pounds and was made with 818 pounds of Rice Krispies, 1,466 pounds of marshmallows and 217 pounds of butter, according to the ISU Department of Residence website.

The other house in Geoffroy Hall is named for Charlotte Roderuck and is located on the third floor on the building’s west side. Roderuck served as an ISU employee for nearly 40 years, starting out as a Food and Nutrition faculty member in 1948. During her time at ISU, she went on to hold a number of positions, including assistant dean of the graduate college, assistant director of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station and associate dean of home economic administration.

In 1977, she was named the Director of the World Food Institute at ISU. She held this position until Oct. 31, 1988, when she retired. A highlight of Roderuck’s time as the World Food Institute director was when the organization played host to the 1976 World Food Conference, according to the ISU Department of Residence website.

An endowed position within the FSHN Department is named after Roderuck – the Charlotte E. Roderuck Faculty Fellowship. The position was made possible thanks to a donation Roderuck made to the university after she retired.

“It is a great honor for the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department to have one of the houses in Geoffroy Hall named after Roderuck,” said Ruth MacDonald, professor and chair of the FSHN Department. “It’s also nice to have Day recognized as an individual who impacted the food sciences industry.”

Lisa Ludovico, assistant director of the Residence Halls Department, said any time a new residence hall is constructed, the houses within that facility are named after individuals who have made an impact on the ISU community. The University Archives, as well as other sources, are used to come up with a list of names. The 14 individuals for which the Geoffroy Hall houses are named were narrowed down from a sizable list of candidates.

“We came up with a list of about 50 names that didn’t already have something named after them,” Ludovico said.

From there, a group of student leaders and Department of Residence staff members narrowed down the list to the 14 that were chosen. Ludovico said they tried to choose a combination of males and females, as well as people who represented various backgrounds, time periods and colleges within ISU.

“Attention was paid to diversity this time around,” Ludovico said.

The other individuals for which the houses are named are:

  • Dorothy Bean
  • Clifford Berry
  • Lauro Cavazos
  • Vine Deloria Jr.
  • Larry Ebberts
  • James Geddes
  • Elizabeth Hoyt
  • Ted Kooser
  • Barbara Mack
  • Samuel Massie
  • Dan Robinson
  • Lois Tiffany

Students have already begun moving into the new residence hall, which is located on the south side of Lincoln Way next to Buchanan Hall. It will officially open during the spring 2017 semester.