Association of Nutrition Departments and Programs

About us

The Association of Nutrition Departments and Programs (ANDP) is a national association of the directors of nutrition departments and programs. The organization promotes, in cooperation with other educational institutions, government agencies, and industry, the common interests of academic units of nutrition in universities and colleges which offer or are principally responsible for the support of graduate degree programs in nutrition or the postgraduate training programs in nutrition located in the United States. More than 60 institutions are currently members of this organization.

Our Purpose

  • Identify areas of focus which need to be addressed by the leaders of nutrition departments.
  • Share experience and enhance the efficient and effective operation of academic units devoted primarily to nutrition
  • Address policy issues of importance to nutrition
  • Act as a resource for government agencies, legislators, and industry to provide points of contact with experts in nutrition throughout the United States
  • Assist with student recruitment for nutrition departments and programs by linking to websites of member organizations.

This site is hosted by ISU as a temporary home for the ANDP while a permanent home is established. Please disregard the title banner.