Canvas gradebook tips

February 6, 2018

Here are several tips to help you navigate your course grade book. Use the buttons in the top right corner to view grades by Individual, by enrollment section, or by full enrollment. Use the Gear menu (upper right) to rearrange columns by due date, point value, or Assignment group. You can drag a column to a new location. A small triangle displays in the header cell of the column on which the table is currently sorted. Grades typically are sorted by student last name but if you click the empty left corner of any header cell, you can sort by that column. If you do not assign an activity to a student, group, or section, the grade cells for the affected students will be grayed out. You can also type EX in a cell to exempt a student from the activity but understand that this reduces the total points for the course for that student by the value of the exempted activity.

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