Canvas: Grading assignments offline

April 19, 2018

Canvas allows the instructor to bulk download, and re-upload, student assignment submissions. This is handy for offline editing and for archiving. Go to Assignments and click the name of the activity. In the far right menu, click ‘Download Submissions’. A zip file is created with each student’s submission as a separate file. File names begin with student name (lastfirst) or group name. If you plan to reload files after editing/markup, do not change the file names! When you are ready to reload the files back into Canvas, you must compress them into a single zip file. Return to the activity screen and click ‘Re-Upload Submissions’, browse and find your new zip file, then click ‘Upload Files’. Every file you uploaded now appears in the Feedback section of the appropriate student or group. You still need to go to each student or group, enter and save a score.

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