Canvas notifications

February 5, 2021

 Canvas provides alert notifications to all course participants to let them know when various activities occur in classes. Users can adjust the type and frequency of notifications received both system-wide and by course. To adjust system-wide notifications, go to Accounts > Notifications > click the notification icon for each option and specify frequency of alerts (right away, daily summary, weekly summary, or don’t send). To set course-specific notifications, enter the course and select View Course Notifications from the right side menu. You can only control your own notification settings, so an instructor cannot alter their students’ alert settings. Notifications go to your official ISU email. You may be able to reply directly to email notifications from outside of Canvas. Replies go to the Canvas Inbox (an internal messaging system), but attachments will be stripped off. Instructors are advised to rely on external email systems for critical messages and to activate class emails lists using the ISU Account Services on the Web (ASW) site.

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