Changing group membership

October 15, 2019

Many courses create student groups and group-based assignments. Due to subsequent enrollment changes and student requests, it may be required that you move a student from their original group to a different group. If no group activities have been submitted, this is an easy shift. However if group work has been submitted, this creates a grading and tracking problem. The only way to ensure that the moved student can both retain their original group scores and see their original submitted work feedback is to create a clone of the original Group Set (Group Set A) and assign future group activity to the new group set (Group Set B). Each student will then be in their original ‘A’ group as well as their new B group. Because it is easy to make errors when changing settings, this is a process that should be done rarely and the change should be explained to students. If students become inactive (drop out), you can move them to a new group within the Group Set.

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