Control grade visibility

October 29, 2019

Canvas has changed the process for hiding/showing grades to students twice since July. The latest update provides more consistency in process and icon meaning. A grade column can contain both hidden and visible grades. A visibility icon (a grey eye with a slash through it) displays in the column’s header cell if any grade in the column is hidden. Hover on the assignment column’s header cell to see the grade release options. If there are any hidden scores, you can select ‘Post grades’ to display them. If there are any visible scores you can select ‘Hide grades’ to hide them. These settings only affect currently stored grades! Select the ‘Grade Posting Policy’ link to set visibility rules for grades that will be added in the future: ‘Automatically’ will display future grades, ‘Manually’ will hide future grades. If you select ‘Manually’, the word ‘Manual’ appears in the column header cell but it may not be visible until you drag the column wider.

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