Create Alternate Submission Periods in Canvas

January 26, 2018

The instructor can create more than one set of start/end/due date windows for any quiz or assignment. One time window can be set for the class as a whole and a second (typically later) window for a student who has an excused absence. Click the ‘Add’ button below the Assign settings box in the quiz or assignment settings. Click in the ‘Assign to’ area to reveal a drop-down list of students’ names. Select the student(s) who should have a new common time period and define the period. When you add a second release condition, the original ‘Assign to’ setting changes from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Everyone else.’ If you define release settings in such a way that one or more students are excluded, their grade cells for the activity are grayed out and they cannot submit the activity (it is not assigned to them.) The same approach can be used to create section based availability periods but there is no ability to set different times windows by Group.

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