Creating Sign up Times on Calendar

October 22, 2018

Do you want students to sign up for a presentation day or for office hours appointments? If so, you can create a series of sign-up slots in your Canvas calendar. Click Calendar in the red side menu > click the plus sign to add a new event > select Appointment Group. Name the new group of events and pick the course calendar it should be associated with. Specify a series of dates and times or select a longer contiguous period and have it subdivided into shorter slots. Set a few more options, then click the red Publish button. Students can sign up by going to the course Syllabus > finding the event you created > clicking to see available slots > reserving one. They can also go to Calendar > Find Appointments > specify the course > see available time lots > reserve one. Reserved slots are bolded in the instructor’s calendar and displayed with student name on the Syllabus’ schedule.

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