Enrolling Students into Canvas

August 11, 2020

The Instructor of Record enrolls their class list(s) into a Canvas account by going to Canvas Help > Global Course Administration > Prepare to Teach. The method used varies based on whether you already have a fall Canvas account. Your class lists are shown on the left and your existing course accounts are shown on the right as red (unpublished) or green (published) boxes. To create an account, drag a class list from the left and drop it in the empty space on top of the right column. The account is created and the class list is enrolled. You can drag other class lists and drop them onto this — or any other — existing account. Accounts created with the Prepare to Teach tool are labeled according to the first class list used. To change the name, go into the account > Settings > Course Details tab > edit the NAME field > scroll to the bottom of page > save the Settings page. While enrollment is always done using Prepare to Teach, accounts can also be ordered using the Global Course Administration > Request a New Course Shell tool.

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