Making student journals

September 18, 2020

Canvas doesn’t have a “Journal” option but you can use the Discussion and Group tools together to create this type of activity. It takes a bit of work to set up but can then be used for the rest of the semester. First, you must know how many students are in enrolled in your course. If you go to Course Menu > Settings > Sections tab (top), the number of enrolled students is listed in the right side menu. Next, go to Course Menu > People > + Group Set. Call your new Group Set something like “Private Journal (HDFS 110).” Under the Group Structure setting, select the “Split students into # groups” and enter the number of students enrolled. Click Save. Each student is placed in a group. Expand each group to see who is in it, click the 3 dots on far right, and rename the group with the student’s name, e.g. “John Doe Journal (HDFS 110)”. Go to the Discussion tool, create a new activity, indicate it is a group activity for the “Private Journal” group set, and set up a question that each student should respond to in their personal journal space.

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