Melha Mellata awarded funding for foodborne Listeria research

January 15, 2020

Melha Mellata, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition, received $77,550 for a one-year project funded by the Dairy Management Inc. (DMI). The DMI portion of the funding is subcontracted through the University of Minnesota. The funding will be received in three amounts, Dr. Mellata has already received the first $24,675. The project focuses on evaluating cold plasma technology to eliminate Listeria bacteria in cheese, without affecting the food quality. The Listeria bacteria is the cause of the disease listeriosis which can severely affect those with weakened immune systems, such as newborns or older adults. Mellata’s research will contribute to lowering the rate of listeriosis infections in the general population.

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Contact Details:

Name: Melha Mellata
Phone: 515-294-9220
Department: in food science and human nutrition