Shannon Coleman receives award for Food Safety Modernization Act Project

January 11, 2019

Shannon Coleman, assistant professor in food science and human nutrition and Human Sciences Extension and Outreach state extension specialist, received a subcontract of $50,410 from Tennessee State University as part of a three-year grant program. This award supports the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations in communities in Iowa and the state of Tennessee. Signed into law in January of 2011, FSMA is the most comprehensive U.S. food manufacturing and agricultural production legislation in more than 70 years. The food safety law aims to ensure safety of domestic and imported foods by shifting focus of federal food regulatory agencies from response to contamination to preventive measures. Coleman will assist with the development of a Produce Safety Rule and Preventive Control for Human Foods Toolkits to engage extension professionals. She will use her subcontract to assist with developing short videos which cover critical pieces of the legislation for producers and processors.

Contact Details:

Name: Shannon Coleman
Phone: 515-294-9011
Department: in food science and human nutrition