Adriel Abhimanyu

Major: Culinary Food Science
Company/Organization: The Café
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer 2021
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


At The Café, I was a cook operating the wood-fired oven and flat-top grill. At this station, my duties were to learn how to make foods such as pizza from scratch, naan bread, garlic bread, grilled cheese and chorizo fundido. Along with making these foods, I was also responsible for maintaining and cleaning the oven station.


My greatest accomplishment would be getting all my foods out for service on-time on my first shift as a cook on a very busy afternoon.

Learning experience

I learned that I did not know everything there is to know about the restaurant industry. I have always enjoyed cooking and working with food and see myself owning my own restaurant one day, thinking that it would be easy since I think I have good food knowledge. However, I realized that operating a restaurant is much more than knowing your food, but also establishing an environment in which cooks can operate smoothly and communicate comfortably with each other.

What advice would you give?

If anyone is looking to work in the restaurant industry, expect to be working in an extremely fast-paced environment together with high pressure. It is definitely a competitive field, but if it is your passion, you will love it.

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