Kathryn Moorhead

Company/Organization: Chateau Coupe-Roses
Company/Organization website: https://chateau-coupe-roses.com/
Destination: La Caunette, France
Timeframe: Summer 2015
Advisor/Coordinator Email: kgilbert@iastate.edu


Through my study abroad program, I was able to get placed at an internship at a winery! While I did not have any set projects to work on like at an American-style internship, I had a full overview of what it would be like to run and own a winery. I learned about the planting and harvesting of the grapes, the fermentation process of the wine, and how to bottle and sell the wine all while in France!

Memorable experience

I lived with the family that I was working for, which was an incredible experience. My host family was so kind and knowledgeable, and were determined that I would not only learn about the wine, but also about the French-Mediterranean culture. Almost every weekend I was there, a local business was holding some sort of party or festival that the whole town would attend. The everyday culture was simply amazing.

What advice would you give?

If you're looking into interning abroad, have a grasp of the local language! My host family knew English, but I had trouble communicating with other people in the town. Knowing Spanish helps, but it still wasn't French!

Why did you want this assignment?

I wanted to experience a winery, so I could learn more about the process of making wine from start to finish - this internship did not disappoint!

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