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Mariah Mikel

Major: Hospitality Management

Company/Organization: Hilton Newark Airport
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Newark, New Jersey
Timeframe: Summer

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
I am a Hilton Property Intern with a focus in front desk at the Hilton Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey. During this internship, my responsibilities have been to understand the organization of the front office team and see how it contributes to Hilton’s vision. Through this, I am learning the significance of exceptional guest service and loyalty. I am also working towards gaining proficiency in Hilton’s property management system called OnQ. Additionally, I am to shadow all departments to see how property operations work as a whole.

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment would definitely be me really coming out of my shell to become a great front desk agent. I am a pretty shy person but have always wanted to work in hospitality because I love helping people. At the start of this internship, I was pretty nervous to talk to the guests. Now, while I am almost finished with my internship, I have really grown in my customer service skills. I am always interacting with the guests and am no longer nervous to talk to them. My second greatest accomplishment was that I mastered Hilton’s property management system, OnQ. When I first started I had to go through a few days of training for OnQ and I felt like I understood it pretty well. Then when I went to actually use it, it was super complicated. I am now super confident in using it and have no issues. There is so much to learn so I am very proud that I mastered it in my short time here!

I learned...
At this property operations internship, I really learned that each department is interdependent on the other. There is not one department that is all by itself working independently. For the hotel to be a well-oiled machine all departments have to communicate and work together to really be successful.

Advice for others...
If you are looking into working in a hotel in the future, you should definitely apply to this internship! Hilton is a great company to work with and this internship program is designed for you to learn about all the departments and help you decide what direction you want to take in the future.

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