Student profiles


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Kristen Twinam


Kristen Twinam has been devoted to the health field since her very first middle school health class. Her goal now is to be able to help better people's lives through work as a clinical dietitian.

Griffin Meyer

Griffin Meyer was undecided about his future career path prior to his freshman year at Iowa State University. With the help of his mother's advice and Find Your Future in Food and Nutrition through Science Day 2018, he landed on the perfect major for him: culinary food science.

Victoria Tappa


Victoria Tappa was determined to find a college that would allow her to stay true to herself, while continuously growing and learning. A junior now at Iowa State University, Victoria implements the University's Principles of Community into her daily life, choosing her own adventure every step of the way.

Holly Appleton

Holly Appleton was studying abroad in Ireland when she first envisioned herself working in biomanufactoring. Back at Iowa State University, Holly works to gain an abundance of experience and memories before graduation.

Lora Duncan


Lora Duncan is on track to graduate from Iowa State University for the second time; she is earning her bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) to better serve her community as a hospice nurse.

Claudia Carrillo


Claudia Carrillo challenged herself by moving to a different country and pursuing undergraduate research. She uses her "minute of courage" to go after what she wants.

Kimberly Chew


Kimberly came to Iowa State to grow her knowledge of dietetics. She's helped better campus along the way to her future career.

Rachel Wilkens

When Rachel came to Iowa State University, she found an interest in the dietetics field. She hopes to continue to help people through her major, eventually working as a registered dietitian in underserved areas.

Sierra Weldon


Sierra Weldon has always held a love for exercise and eating healthy, which led to her interest in the nutrition field. Using her college experiences and passion for nutrition, she aims to become a dietitian after graduation.

Jacie Legois


Jacie Legois started her culinary journey photographing food for her Instagram page, which inspired her to study culinary food science.

Isaac Ramos


As a first-generation student, Isaac Ramos is driven by his parents' inspiring words to pursue a career in pharmacy with an emphasis on cancer treatment research.

Rachel Sodawasser


Growing up, Rachel Sodawasser was interested in how nutrition plays a major role in our health and wellness. Now studying nutritional science, Rachel is gaining knowledge and applying it to real-world medical experiences. 

Alaina Bohnert


Alaina Bohnert wants to use her nursing education as an intensive care or trauma nurse, with a focus on preventative medicine.

Brittany Bullock


Studying nutritional science at Iowa State opened Brittany Bullock's eyes to a new lens on health that she can apply to her future career as a pharmacist.

Maggie Davis


Since high school, Maggie Davis has asked herself how she can become the best version of herself through nutrition and activity. Now majoring in diet and exercise at Iowa State University, she's learning to answer that question for herself and for others.

Natali Jouzi


Through her travels, Natali Jouzi has seen how she can help the people around her through her future healthcare management career.

Sarah Jenkins


Sarah Jenkins was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during her junior year of high school. A visit to a dietitian who was also diabetic changed the course of Sarah's future.

Jessica Hansen


Jessica Hansen's experience as a Heddleson Intern with ISU Extension and Outreach helped her to gain valuable experience that she hopes to apply in the real world.

Marcus England


Marcus England has always loved the sports world; through wrestling in high school he found the career path he wanted to follow. Now a senior at Iowa State, Marcus is excited to see how he can aid athletes in his future career.

Sara Siebrecht


Sara Siebrecht uses her food allergen as her incentive to develop allergen-free recipes for consumers to enjoy, while spreading awareness of food allergens to producers and consumers.

Alyssa Rosenbaum

Alyssa Rosenbaum educated families on the importance of local, healthy eating as a Rising Star Intern for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Read about how adding a second major in culinary food science helped Alyssa pursue her passions.

Amanda Bries


Amanda Bries has been with Iowa State since the beginning of her undergraduate degree in dietetics — now, she's nearing earning her doctorate in nutritional sciences. Read about how Amanda has taken advantage of numerous research opportunities to reach her goal of becoming a scientist.

Claire Groth


Claire Groth's experience as a Rising Star Intern with ISU Extension and Outreach helped her develop skills in food, nutrition, and community outreach that will support her far beyond graduation.

Kathy Franco Torres


Moving from Puerto Rice to come to college at Iowa State University, Kathy Franco Torres has had to do a lot of adjusting – but her new home has brought her closer to realizing her goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Dawn Hales


Dawn Hales has looked forward to earning a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) since she began her nursing career about 25 years ago. Dawn is proud to lead a team of 20 nurses and 40 aides as the director of nursing. She wants her journey of obtaining a BSN to set an example for her coworkers.

Kiara Roberts


Kiara Roberts, as part of the Cyclone Scholars is a scholarship program, wants to make a difference in by researching and developing solutions for hunger relief and food insecurity around the world.

Alicia Miltner


Alicia Miltner’s personal experience with hospice care made her realize what she wants to do with her life and what’s important to her. She wants to impact people's lives as a physician assistant.

Misty Brooks


Misty Brooks is a semester away from earning her BSN from Iowa State. While working through the program, she has uncovered new perspectives on the nursing profession and her role as a caretaker.

Nathan Hoth


After transferring from a different college and leaving his baseball career behind, Nathan is looking forward to utilizing Iowa State's nutritional science program to prepare him for his dream career of neuroscience research.

Nicole Kling


Nicole Kling, a senior in diet and exercise, wants to work in community nutrition and help people develop a positive view of healthy eating and exercise. She is now tailoring her research to her future her goals through her work with the Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship.

Brooke Vogel


While Brooke Vogel is currently weighing her options when it comes to post-graduation plans, the Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship is giving her a taste of what attending graduate school might be like, should she choose to go.

Kinzie Matz


Kinzie Matz is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. When she graduates with a degree in dietetics, she plans on becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian. 

Khum Yan (Adriana) Chew


Adriana Chew plans on working in food product research and development after graduation. When she isn't studying, Adriana likes to hang with friends, try new recipes, and of course, eat.

Lynette Wuebker


Lynette Wuebker plans to work as a registered dietitian after graduation. When she isn't in class, Lynette enjoys finding new places around Ames to get coffee, run, and go on hikes. 

Loo-Yee Wong


Once she graduates, Loo-Yee Wong hopes to work in a hospital as a clinical dietician, with a possible focus on professional dancers. When she isn't busy with her club involvement, Loo-Yee enjoys cooking and baking with friends.

Emily Parent

<p>“Previously, my company had no stable wellness program for their 8,000 employees, and I was able to develop a program to reach our employees in all five Midwestern states.”</p>

Emily Parent intends to use her degree to work on her weight management program full time. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for a run, cooking, and relaxing on the lake with friends and family.

Megan Slattery

Megan Slattery hopes to use her degree to be a family physician. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, making crafts, and exploring the Ames area with friends.

Diane Tan


Diane Tan prepares for her future career as a clinical dietitian. When she isn't in class or volunteering, Diane spends time with her friends eating food or hitting the gym.

Anastasia Frazee


Anastasia Frazee wants to use her culinary food science degree to open her own bakery someday. When she isn't trying out new recipes in the kitchen, she enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with her friends.

Sarah Allen


Sarah Allen plans to eventually obtain her master's degree in public health and become a public health nutritionist. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hanging out with her dog, and working at ISU Extension and Outreach.

Gretchen Henningsen


Gretchen Henningsen intends to earn her master's degree and work as a registered dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys kayaking, riding her bike, and spending time with family and friends.

Brooke Odendahl


Brooke Odendahl plans to use her dietetics degree to help those fighting eating disorders. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, and relaxing with yoga.