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Kevin Keener

Title: Professor
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Office: 1436 Food Sciences 536 Farm House Ln., Ames, IA 50011
Phone number: +1 515 294 4365
Email: kkeener@iastate.edu

Research interests

  • Developing technological solutions that improve safety and quality of food
  • Technologies such as cryogenic cooling, radiant frying, high voltage atmospheric cold plasma
  • Transforming laboratory inventions into practical industry solutions

My research focuses on developing sustainable technology solutions that can improve the the safety and quality of food resulting in improved human health and increased livelihood for consumers and increased efficiencies for food manufacturers.

Some examples of invented technologies include cryogenic cooling, radiant frying, and high voltage atmospheric cold plasma. Current research involves utilizing a team approach to transform these laboratory inventions into practical industry solutions.

Published works