Food and Society

Minor in Food and Society

The Food and Society minor requires at least 16-17 credits, including at least 6 credits taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other college or university requirement.

2023-2024 Catalog requirements:

FS HN 101, Food and the Consumer 3
FS HN 167, Introduction to Human Nutrition3
FS HN 242, The US Food System3
FS HN 342, World Food Issues: Past and Present3
FS HN 442, Issues in Food and Society2
Select 2-3 additional credits from:
– AGRON 450, Issues in Sustainable Agriculture
– FS HN 220, American Food and Culture
– FS HN 364, Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic Disease
– FS HN 365, Obesity and Weight Management
– FS HN 403, Food Laws and Regulations
– FS HN 460, Global Nutrition
– FS HN 463, Community Nutrition
– FS HN 496A, Food Science and Human Nutrition Travel Course: International Travel
– SOC 220, Globalization and Sustainability
– SOC 345, Population and Society
– SOC 348, Global Poverty, Resources and Sustainable Development
– SOC 444X
Total Credits: 16-17

Note: When selecting a course from the list above, students must meet all of the corresponding pre-requisites*.

Students should carefully check the Iowa State University Catalog for course descriptions and pre-requisite requirements to ensure that they understand the sequence of the courses and develop a plan for completing all pre-requisites and requirements by their planned graduation dates.

Prerequisite guide for courses included in the minor:

CourseFall or SpringPre-requisites
FS HN 101 F, S High school biology and chemistry or 3 credits of each
FS HN 167 F, S High school biology or 3 credits of biology
FS HN 242 SFS HN 101 or FS HN 167
FS HN 342 F, S Junior classification
FS HN 442F Sophomore classification
AGRON 450 FNo prerequisites
FS HN 364 F FS HN 264 or 265
FS HN 365S BIOL 256 and 256L
FS HN 403 S 3 credits in food science coursework at 200 level or above
FS HN 460FNo prerequisites
FS HN 463F FS HN 361
SOC 220F, SNone
SOC 345FNone
SOC 348SOC 134
SOC 444XCheck Catalog

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