Food and Society

Minor in Food and Society

The Food and Society minor requires at least 16-17 credits, including at least 6 credits taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other college or university requirement.

Catalog requirements:

FS HN 101, Food and the Consumer 3
FS HN 167, Introduction to Human Nutrition3
FS HN 242, The US Food System3
FS HN 342, World Food Issues: Past and Present3
FS HN 442, Issues in Food and Society2
Select 2-3 additional credits from:
– AGRON 450, Issues in Sustainable Agriculture
– AGRON 497, Agroecology Field Course
– ECON 362, Applied Ethics in Agriculture
– FS HN 220, American Food and Culture
– FS HN 364, Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic Disease
– FS HN 365, Obesity and Weight Management
– FS HN 403, Food Laws and Regulations
– FS HN 460, Global Nutrition
– FS HN 463, Community Nutrition
– FS HN 496A, Food Science and Human Nutrition Travel Course: International Travel
– HIST 365, American Agriculture I
– HIST 366, American Agriculture II
– HIST 367, America Eats
Total Credits: 16-17

Note: When selecting a course from the list above, students must meet all of the corresponding pre-requisites*.

Students should carefully check the Iowa State University Catalog for course descriptions and pre-requisite requirements to ensure that they understand the sequence of the courses and develop a plan for completing all pre-requisites and requirements by their planned graduation dates.

Prerequisite guide for courses included in the minor:

CourseFall or SpringPre-requisites
FS HN 101 F, S High school biology and chemistry or 3 credits of each
FS HN 167 F, S High school biology or 3 credits of biology
FS HN 242 SNo prerequisites
FS HN 342 F, S Junior classification
FS HN 442F FS HN 242, FS HN 342
AGRON 450 FNo prerequisites
AGRON 497FJr. or Sr. classification with at least 8 credits in Agronomy
ECON 362FECON 101 or SOC 134, junior or senior status in the College of Agriculture
FS HN 364 F FS HN 264 or 265
FS HN 365S BIOL 256 and 256L
FS HN 403 S 3 credits in food science coursework at 200 level or above
FS HN 460FNo prerequisites
FS HN 463F FS HN 265 or FS HN 360; FS HN 366 recommended
HIST 365F Sophomore classification
HIST 366 S Sophomore classification
HIST 367 F Sophomore classification

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