Food Safety

Interdepartmental Minor in Food Safety

The minor requires at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other college or university requirement. All courses must be taken for a grade.

Along with the courses listed below, students must meet all of the corresponding pre-requisites*

Typical courses needed to meet pre-requisites for the Food Safety Minor can include, but are not limited to: BIOL 212/L, MICRO 201/L or 302/L, or 177/L, a Physics course, and/or FS HN, MICRO, HORT, AN S, or HSP M courses. Students should carefully check the Iowa State University Catalog to ensure that they know course prerequisites, understand the sequence of the courses, and develop a plan for completing all pre-requisites and requirements by their planned graduation dates.

Catalog requirements

FS HN 101 or HSP M 233**3
FS HN 4203
FS HN 4032
Select 3 additional credits from each of the following areas:
-Food Microbiology Area***
-Food Processing Area
FS HN 207, 305, FS HN 471, 472; AN S 270 and 270L; AN S 360; HSP M 380 and 380L
Total Credits:15

**ServSafe certification is eligible upon completion of this course.
***Food Science and Microbiology majors may petition to substitute a Consumer/Social Issues course (Econ 135) for a food Microbiology elective since these students will already have taken most of the food Microbiology area electives as part of their major.

Prerequisite guide for courses included in the minor:

FS HN 101 High school biology and chemistry or 3 credits of each
FS HN 4033 credits in food science coursework at 200 level or above
FS HN 471FS HN 351 or A E 451 or CH E 357; MICRO 201 or 302; CHEM 163 or 177
FS HN 472Credit or enrollment in FS HN 471 or A E 451 or CH E 357
FS HN/MICRO/Tox 420MICRO 201 or 302
FS HN/MICRO 421MICRO 201 or 302; MICRO 201L or 302L; credit or enrollment in FS HN/MICRO 420
FS HN/AN S/HSP M/VDPAM 489Credit or enrollment in FS HN 101 or FS HN 272 or HSP M 133; plus credit in FS HN 420; and credit in FS HN 403
AN S 270 and 270LBIOL 212, CHEM 163 or CHEM 177
AN S 360AN S 270; a course in organic or biochemistry
HSP M 233 None
HSP M 380HSP M 133 or 2 credits in Microbiology; FSHN 111 or 214; FS HN 115 or 215; at least junior classification; plus enrollment in HSP M 380L (enrollment reservation is required)
HSP M 380LHSP M 133 or 2 credits in Microbiology; FSHN 111 or 214; FS HN 115 or 215; at least junior classification; plus enrollment in HSP M 380 (enrollment reservation is required)
MICRO 310MICRO 302 (or MICRO 201 if a B or better was obtained)

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