Minor in Nutrition

The minor requires at least 15 credits, including at least 6 credits taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. The minor must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other college or university requirement. All courses must be taken for a grade.

Along with the courses listed below, students must meet all of the corresponding pre-requisites*

Typical courses needed to meet pre-requisites for the Nutrition Minor can include but are not limited to: BIOL 211, MICRO 201/L, CHEM 163/L or 177/L & 178, CHEM 231/L, BBMB 301, and/or FS HN courses. Students should carefully check the Iowa State University Catalog to ensure that they know course pre-requisites, understand the sequence of the courses, and develop a plan for completing all pre-requisites and requirements by their planned graduation dates.

2023-2024 Catalog requirements:

For students from outside the department.

FS HN 1673
FS HN 265 3
FS HN 3603
Select at least 6 credits from
– FS HN 361, 362, 364, 365, 463, 467, 492; NUTRS 501
Total Credits:15

For students majoring in Culinary or Food Science.

FS HN 2653
FS HN 3603
Select at least 9 credits from
– FS HN 361, 362, 364, 365, 463, 467, 492; NUTRS 501
Total Credits15

Prerequisite guide for courses included in the minor:

Course NumberCourse TitleFall or SpringPrerequisites
FS HN 167 Introductory Human Nutrition and HealthF, S High school biology or 3 credits of biology recommended.
FS HN 265 Nutrition for Active and
Healthy Lifestyles
S, SSFS HN 167; (FS HN 264 or 3 credits in BBMB)
FS HN 360 Advanced Nutrition and Regulation of Metabolism in Health and DiseaseF ENGL 250, FS HN 265
FS HN 361 Nutrition and Health AssessmentS FS HN 265
FS HN 362Nutrition and Health Throughout the LifecycleS FS HN 360; credit or concurrent enrollment in BIOL 256 or BIOL 335
FS HN 364 Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic DiseaseF (BIOL 256; BIOL 256L) or enrolled in NRS major
FS HN 365 Obesity and HealthSNone
FS HN 463 Community Nutrition and Health F FS HN 361
FS HN 467Molecular Basis of Nutrition in Disease Etiology and Health Promotion S 3 credits of BBMB 200 or above or Permission of Instructor. Credit for FS HN 360 suggested.
FS HN 492Research Concepts in Human Nutrition F FS HN 360, and senior classification or permission of instructor

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