From left, Amber Kargol, Hui Wang and Angela Shaw will be among those receiving awards at the upcoming ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and staff awards ceremony March 8, 2018. Individual photos by Barb McBreen.

FSHN faculty, staff to receive ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences awards

AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will present awards to faculty and staff on March 8. The award winners include:

Amber Kargol will receive the Outstanding Service in Student Recruitment and Retention Award. Kargol is an academic adviser in the food science and human nutrition department. The key to Kargol's success is her personal approach. She believes it's important to empower students to make important life decisions, which has been a positive tool in recruiting prospective students. More at Kargol's story.

Hui Wang will receive the Professional and Scientific Research Award. Wang, a pilot plant manager in the Center for Crops Utilization Research, is an integral part of the center's success as a researcher, service provider and trainer for faculty and industry clients. The 35,000 square foot facility provides research space and more than 255 unique pieces of food and bioprocessing equipment for industry participants to demonstrate food manufacturing processes. More at Wang's story.

Angela Shaw will receive the Faculty Award for Diversity Enhancement. Shaw, an associate professor in food science and human nutrition, has helped growers and food manufacturers throughout Iowa address food safety issues. She recruits underrepresented students to work in her laboratory and has conducted workshops for more than 1,000 underserved youth. She also partnered with the Ames Middle School to start the Passion Academy, which helps underrepresented students learn professional skills and career options. More at Shaw's story.

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