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Raise the visibility of your research by establishing a CHS individual faculty research webpage
As the College of Human Sciences aims to increase communication about scholarly research, faculty now have the opportunity to establish a website that focuses on their research work. Sites may focus on an individual researcher's work or a research team's work. Review some of the new sites or request yours now.

Rodent model tested to study effects, treatment of E. coliTo understand human diseases and test the effectiveness of vaccines, mice often are used. However, when it comes to researching ways to fight harmful strains of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the gut, a good mouse model that is not resistant to the bacteria has not been found, until now.


Iowa State University researcher developing new industrial uses for wax made from soybean oilAMES, Iowa – Petroleum-based paraffin wax commonly coats cardboard and all sorts of other products to improve durability and water resistance, but it can’t be recycled and may adversely affect human health. So researchers at Iowa State University are developing wax from soybean oil that would...

Consider applying for Helen LeBaron Hilton funds of up to $2500 per special project
The Helen LeBaron Hilton Fund supports a wide variety of projects that promote leadership, philosophy, and service. Human Sciences Extension and Outreach program specialists are encouraged to apply by October 15, as are students, faculty, and staff in food science and human nutrition; human development and family studies; or apparel, events, and hospitality management.

Entries being accepted for the Norman Borlaug Lecture Poster CompetitionStudents are invited to enter poster abstracts to the Norman Borlaug Lectureship Poster Competition and display preceding the Borlaug Lecture, which will take...

Wen named interim director for Center for Crops Utilization Research at Iowa State UniversityAMES, Iowa — Zhiyou Wen has been named the interim director of Iowa State University’s Center for Crops Utilization Research.

Wen, a professor of food science and human nutrition, has been an Iowa State faculty member...

Learn how to get more exposure for your research through The Conversation

An information session for College of Human Sciences researchers and scholars will be held at 11 a.m.-12
30 p.m., August 30 in the LeBaron Conference Room, 1009 LeBaron Hall, on the The Conversation" team's approach and communications platform for communicating research-based knowledge to the public. Iowa State University has recently begun working with The Conversation, an independent news and commentary website that draws expertise from academics whose essays are edited by journalists. Recent Iowa State University essays have run in Smithsonian Magazine and Science Alert. Potential authors and who would consider publishing essays about their expertise for broad distribution are encouraged to attend. Register online.

Elizabeth McNeill receives funding to explore impact of individual microRNAs on the aging heart
Elizabeth McNeill, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition, was awarded $202,106 from the American Heart Association to pursue research on the function of small pieces of genetic material linked to cardiovascular disease called microRNAs (miRNAs), which act on genes to change their expression. A deeper understanding of miRNAs and their gene targets will expand the ability to develop new therapeutic strategies to treat heart disease.

Midwest Dairy Food Research Center provides funding for College of Human Sciences’ research projects
Midwest Dairy Food Research Center awards $90,000 to Iowa State University for two new research projects and three continuing research projects. Four of the awarded projects are based in the College of Human Sciences. Annually, Iowa State receives $90,000, which supports up to three continuing research projects, and up to three new research projects.

The two new projects, funded in 2018, include
  • Food science and human nutrition (FSHN) professor, Stephanie Clark’s project, “Expanding the potential for lactose-rich dairy product utilization”
  • Materials science and engineering adjunct assistant professor, Rebecca Cademartiri’s project “Application of commercial bacteriophage cocktail to kill Listeria in queso fresco.”
The three projects that received their second year of funding, include

  • FSHN associate professor, Byron Brehm-Stecher’s project “Developing fast acting, extended efficacy surface sanitizers for protecting dairy environments”
  • FHSN professor, Tong Wang and Clark’s project “Technology for novel and scalable isolation of dairy phospholipids”
  • FSHN assistant professor, Nuria Acevedo and Clark’s project, “Dairy based phospholipid gels for development of yogurt rich in probiotics and milk bioactive”
Two of the continuing collaborative projects, those of Wang and Clark and Acevedo and Clark, are related. Technology and insights gained from these projects, designed to isolate, concentrate, and utilize dairy-based phospholipids to protect and nourish probiotic bacteria, should enable the food industry to enhance the nutritional profile and extend the shelf life of yogurt. Additionally, these two projects have supported Ph.D. student, Nathan Price, M.S. student, Nicole Gaudino, and undergraduate research of Xiaoqing Zhuang.

Greg Welk and an interdisciplinary research team receives new year of funding for SWITCH school wellness program
College of Human Sciences researchers Greg Welk, Spyridoula Vazou, and Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, as well as a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences researcher Doug Gentile, received continuation funding from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture for the expansion of the School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health (SWITCH) Project. The team of researchers are working closely with the 4H program run by ISU Extension and Outreach to disseminate the program across Iowa.