Anastasia Frazee

  • Company: Kellogg’s
  • Position with company: Food Designer
  • Graduation Major: Culinary Food Science and Business Entrepreneurship
  • Graduation Year: May 2020

A ‘Popping’ career begins for Culinary Food Science alum, Anastasia Frazee

Anastasia Frazee’s Iowa State experience combined her passion for food and love for science into a culinary career rooted in innovation. After graduating in May 2020 with a degree in Culinary Food Science, she’s now a food designer for Kellogg’s.

“My first big innovation project was the Pop-Tarts Eggo Frosted Maple flavor that recently hit the shelves,” Anastasia said. “The crust is buttery with a hint of vanilla and the filling delivers sweet maple notes to wrap up the waffle eating experience into a Pop-Tart.”

Frazee’s love for food started at a young age, watching her mom run a bakery in southwest Iowa. That, combined with her involvement in 4-H, sparked her interest in pursuing a career in culinary food science.

“I was intrigued by the idea that most every food sitting on store shelves had been developed by a product developer,” she said. “The other fulfilling part of a career in culinary food science is that we play a part in feeding the world and can make an impact on consumers’ days with the food we develop.”

Frazee pursued two internships during her time at Iowa State. One being the Culinary Product Development internship with Hormel, and the other being the Food Product Development internship with Conagra.  She believes those experiences were one of the most important parts of her career path and prepped her for her current position.

“Learnings from each of these internships contributed to my readiness to join a company like Kellogg’s and has led me to a role that has exceeded my expectations thus far,” she said. 

Just shy of two years after graduating from Iowa State, Frazee has an impressive list of accomplishments working on products millions of people have consumed. 

The Eggo Frosted Maple Pop-Tart was listed in an October People magazine article, “5 Things We’re Talking About This Week.” She was also the food designer for the Dia de Los Muertos Frosted Chocolatey Churro Pop-Tarts and Holiday Fails Frosted Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts. And, she worked on Rice Krispie Treats holiday minis and treat sheets.

Her advice for current students?

“Building your network during college is extremely important and will be useful when pursuing internships & full-time jobs,” Frazee said. “Take advantage of any and all opportunities ISU gives you!”

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