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Brooke Meyer

Major: Dietetics/Nutritional Science

Year: Senior
Hometown/State: Newton, IA

Company/Organization: Meals On Wheels Inc. of Tarrant County
Company/Organization website:
Title: Nutrition Intern
Destination: Fort Worth, TX
Timeframe: June 1, 2014- August 14, 2014

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
During my internship I was the project manager for the Annual Educational Calendar (which is a newsletter with helpful and descriptive information on various nutrition and health topics), Marketing Book (which included creating personal stories of how Meals on Wheels, Inc. has impacted their clients lives and as well as the lives of the employees working for the organization, pictures of clients and volunteers, and inspirational quotes/comments from the clientele), and Social Media (which included marketing Meals On Wheels Inc. on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Besides my projects, I also helped six other nutrition interns with their assignments. Some of those assignments included: six week menu cycle designs, creating and implementing client satisfaction surveys for the agency, making nutrition labels for upcoming meal cycles, and much more. Two other responsibilities included round table meetings with the MOWI Registered Dietitians and food and temperate checks at meal congregate sites. The purpose of this round table was to help teach the intern's how to think critically and scientifically though accredited journal articles. The other requirement involved going out to congregate sites to take food and temperature checks to ensure that food safety and guidelines were being met at each facility. Other assignments and rotations for this internship included: clinical case studies, menu developments with minimal budget, job shadowing a HAIL Dietitian, health literacy workshops, mock interviews, filling in as a Nutrition Service Manager when needed, food service projects, HAIL/client follow up phone calls, and weekly journaling.

I will never forget...
I had so many experiences at my internship with MOWI. One experience that I will always cherish was having the opportunity to job shadow a Healthy Aging and Independent Living (HAIL) Dietitian inside a client's home. This was special to me because most dietitians don't have the chance to evaluate their clients in their homes. This experiences taught me how critical in home evaluations are in analyzing not only the health status of the client, but also the environment where the client lives. This opportunity gives the dietitian a full understanding of the client's lifestyle, health conditions, and behaviors. After the nutritional and behavior assessments, I had the opportunity to create a case study of the individuals I met that day. Based on the nutritional assessment performed by the dietitian, I got to address the nutritional concerns, treatment protocols, disease and condition impact on the clients life, educational recommendations, and how to follow up on the client’s health conditions in the future.

Advice for others...
The only advice I would give other students is no matter how far away an internship is, you should go for it. Having hands on experiences like I had this past summer was life changing. I grew both professionally and personally though hard work and networking. Because of this internship I met a lot of great students and mentors in many areas of dietetics that I wouldn’t have otherwise if I didn’t pursue this opportunity.

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
Anne Oldham, my advisor at the time, suggested that I should pursue it if I was interested in gaining further education and hands on experiences in dietetics.

I landed this assignment by...
The application for this internship required that I write an essay about why I wanted to work at MOWI and what I thought I could bring to the table for the organization, two strong letters of recommendation, and two phone interviews with both the Vice President of Nutrition and Health Program and the Manager of Nutrition Services of MOWI to be accepted into the program. I think what really helped me was how much time and effort I spent in writing my essay, and the strength of my letters of recommendation.

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