Honors Program

Eligible undergraduate students of high academic ability can participate in an honors program that is administered by both Iowa State University and the College of Human Sciences or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:

Incoming freshmen: Honors membership is by invite only from the Iowa State University Honors Program

Undergraduates: Undergraduate students (including freshmen who weren’t invited by Iowa State University) who have a GPA of 3.50 or better apply by filling out the University Honors Program application.

Honors students can pursue a broader liberal education, create an individualized program of study, take appropriate graduate-level courses, and become involved in research. The honors program community places high value on student research and can offer research grants to students to help cover expenses for Honors capstone and other research projects.

For more information, visit the Honors pages below.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Honors Program

College of Human Sciences Honors Program

Iowa State University Honors Program

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