Become a Student Leader

Opportunities abound to apply for student leadership roles. Apply for what interests you and make a positive impact on campus.

FSHN Learning Community Peer Mentor

Peer mentors provide resources and support for new students in the learning community to help them succeed during their crucial first semester at Iowa State. Mentors plan and facilitate social and academic experiences and answer questions students have about Iowa State and academic majors. 

FSHN Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Student teaching assistants (TAs) help a faculty member in the classroom or laboratory. Students who are interested in becoming a TA for an FSHN course start by reading the position description and COI Confidentiality statement, and are then are invited to apply. Qualified students will be matched with a course before they sign up for payroll, where they will also sign the confidentiality statement.

FSHN Student Ambassador

Student ambassadors represent the department and serve as hosts for activities and campus visitors. As an Ambassador, you will gain leadership skills, develop networks with alumni and other professionals and learn about departmental organization.

CHS Student Ambassador

CHS student ambassadors acquaint prospective students and their families with Iowa State University during Experience Iowa State Visit days, Daily Visits, college-wide events, and more.

Cyclone Aide 

Cyclone aides serve as campus leaders who assist with university student orientation programs, provide campus tours, and share information about Iowa State with new students and their families.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader

SI Leaders provide peer academic support for an assigned course and facilitate study sessions to help students better understand concepts and application of course content.

Peer Wellness Educators

Peer wellness educators work with other ISU students to promote wellness and student success across campus. 

Peer Tutor 

Tutors lead small group tutor sessions to promote facilitate learning and promote academic success.

Club Leader

Get involved in student clubs and apply for leadership roles.