Nutritional Science

Nutritional Science

If you’re interested in studying the connections between health, nutrition, disease, and wellness, our nutritional science major may be for you.

Nutritional science looks at the connection between diet and health. You will learn how diet can play a crucial role in the cause, treatment, and prevention of many diseases. 

  • Pre-health professional and research option. Coursework prepares students for work in research laboratories, graduate study in nutrition or biological sciences, or entrance into health professional programs, such as medical, dental, physician assistant, and pharmacy schools. Students gain a strong science education along with human nutrition expertise. Refer to the pre-health professions webpage for more specific information on how the coursework corresponds with typical professional school requirements.
  • Health coach and nutrition and wellness options. Coursework prepares students for work positions in program planning and evaluation for community, public health, non-profit, and corporate wellness programs addressing the growing public interest in nutrition, wellness, and preventative health. Students learn about the role of nutrition and healthy eating for disease prevention and wellness. Graduates find careers in community nutrition, public health, and related programs as well as graduate study.

Program Information

Pre-health Professional and Research Option

Refer to the pre-health professions webpage for curriculum and 4-year plans specific to certain professions.

Health Coach and Nutrition and Wellness Options

Curriculum Requirements
2023-24 catalog requirements (PDF)
4-Year Plans
2023-24 sample 4-year plan (PDF)
Course Sequences
Course sequence flow sheet (PDF)

Accelerated Degree Option
An accelerated degree option is available for this nutritional science option.


Graduates of the pre-health professional and research option are well-prepared for entrance in health professional programs such as medical, dental, and pharmacy school or to pursue careers in nutrition research and advanced study. Students pursuing a pre-professional program of study are encouraged to contact the admissions counselor at the university where they plan to complete their practice degree to determine specific course requirements.

Graduate programs in nutrition

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