Transfer Student Information

Transfer students are warmly welcomed in the Food Science and Human Nutrition department at Iowa State University. Use the resources and transfer plans below to determine the courses and programs that are of interest to you.

Faculty and staff are happy to assist with any questions by phone, 515-294-3011, or email us.

Transfer Plans

The following transfer plans can be used by students transferring from most two- and four-year institutions. As noted on each plan, these are accurate on the date they are prepared, but may not reflect subsequent changes by Iowa State or your transfer institution. For this reason, the transfer plan should be used as a guide only, and should not replace consultation with an academic advisor at Iowa State University.

Transfer plans are available for Iowa community colleges on the Iowa State Transfer Plan Portal.

The following are transfer plans and helpful information by major:

Helpful Tools

Transferology is a tool that transfer students use to find out if courses from two- and four-year institutions will transfer and fulfill requirements for a chosen degree program.

Note: if a course isn’t showing up, contact the FSHN transfer academic advisor. Sometimes courses simply haven’t been evaluated yet by Iowa State or the course can be re-evaluated as a potential substitution by the FSHN department. These requests are evaluated on an individual basis. Often, the advisor will ask you to share the name of the institution where you took (or want to take) the course, the name, number, and credits of the course, the course description, and potentially a course syllabus.

Course Equivalency Guides lists the courses offered at the community college and how each of those corresponds to courses offered at Iowa State.

Campus Resources

Admissions Partnership Program (APP)

The Admissions Partnership Program (APP) gives students access to advisors and resources at Iowa State University while you are at your community college. Iowa State has the only Culinary Food Science, Dietetics, Diet and Exercise, and Food Science programs in the State of Iowa, so if you know that you want to go into one of these fields, Iowa State is the place to be and APP will help you make a smooth transition! More.

Campus Visits

Visiting campus can provide you with a chance to see campus, visit with an advisor to discuss your transfer coursework and future plan, and perhaps get to see a class. More.


Students are encouraged to begin the application process to Iowa State University at least six months prior to the anticipated transfer and sooner if possible. Admissions guidelines and requirements can be found on the Iowa State University Transfer Student Admissions webpage. More.

Keys to a Successful Transfer

Start Early and Plan Ahead

Food Science and Human Nutrition majors are science-based, which means that much of the coursework is sequential and builds from semester to semester. Early planning ensures that you will be taking the courses that you need in the order that you need them.

Communicate with the Iowa State Transfer Academic Advisor

Plan for early and on-going communication with the transfer academic advisor at Iowa State University and at your current institution. The advisor can help you understand course requirements, how courses will transfer, when the best time will be to transfer, and what steps to take to make the transition smooth. You are welcome to contact the transfer academic advisor at any point prior to and during your transfer.

If you are a current community college student, you are also encouraged to participate in the Admissions Partnership Program (APP) to receive additional access to advisors and other resources at Iowa State University even before your transfer.

Start Your Science Coursework

Even if you are only exploring the possibility of majors in this area, it will benefit you to begin the science coursework recommended in the Food Science and Human Nutrition transfer plans. If you do decide to pursue a major in this area, completion of the science coursework will best position you for a successful and efficient transfer.

Use the Transfer Plans and Resources

The Food Science and Human Nutrition transfer plans have been designed so you can gather the information you need to select appropriate courses at your current institution. Use the transfer plans and the resources provided above to ensure a smooth transition to Iowa State and FSHN. (The transfer plans are designed as guides and are current as of the date that they are prepared, but should not be used in place of contact with the academic advisor.)

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