Graduate Student Learning Community

Food science and human nutrition’s (FSHN) graduate student learning community involves departmental professional development seminars each semester, focused on engaging students in thinking about and working on our graduate student learning outcomes:

  • Apply scientific thinking to the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of knowledge within the discipline of food science, nutritional sciences or dietetics.
  • Apply ethical reasoning within the discipline of food science, nutritional sciences or dietetics.
  • Effectively communicate discipline-specific information in written and oral forms to scientific audiences.
  • Effectively interact within scientific teams.
  • Facilitate learning within FSHN courses.

FSHN graduate students complete an Annual Report that included assessment of progress on meeting these learning outcomes. This report is due by May 15 of each year (submit to Brenda Emery).

Learning Resources

Scientific Thinking Assessment

Ethical Reasoning Assessment

Teamwork Assessment

Interpersonal Communication Assessment

Teaching Assistant Preparatory Worksheet

Rubric and Evaluation form for Thesis or Dissertation

Graduate Learning Community seminars

Responding with wonderment and awe: A habit of mind to inspire our work 
Retrieval practice: Habits that enhance learning 
Individual development plans

Being open to continuous learning
Creative thinking
Individual development plans

Data management
Scientific thinking and teamwork

Graduate student learning outcomes

Communication and community
Habits of mind honesty and accuracy

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