Culinary Food Science Senior Lucy Slizewski creates a recipe for success at Iowa State


By Marissa Smith

When Lucy Slizewski was a senior in high school, she had no idea what she wanted to study in college. She researched multiple colleges for different majors and programs, keeping an open mind. When a family friend finally recommended the culinary food science program at Iowa State University, a love for cooking landed her in Ames, Iowa.

Slizewski, who’s now a senior at Iowa State University majoring in culinary food science and minoring in nutrition, has taken full advantage of the opportunities provided by Iowa State, setting her up for success in her future career.

“I came, I toured the program, and it seemed like a perfect fit,” Slizewski said. “Going into college, I didn’t really like science, but I learned [now] that science is my passion. I like that it combines all the things I love.”

Since moving from her hometown of Slinger, Wisconsin, Slizewski has completely immersed herself in college life and embraced the opportunities available at Iowa State. Her biggest achievement has been formulating a vegan frozen dessert at the Iowa State Creamery, named “Slizewski Swirl” in her honor.

“She has been an integral part of the Creamery,” said Sarah Canova, ISU Creamery business administrator. “She’s someone we can rely on for anything.”

Slizewski started working in production at the Iowa State Creamery in 2020, following its grand re-opening after being closed for 50 years. Since then, Slizewski has been known at the ISU Creamery for her hard work, creativity, innovative ideas and fun personality.

One of Slizewski’s most valuable skills, highlighted by Canova, is her ability to fill cups of ice cream the fastest out of the ISU Creamery staff. They call her the ‘speedster.’

“When we’re filling cups, she’s the fastest; she flies,” said Canova. “We have races, and nobody wants to race her because they get demolished.”

Slizewski is extremely dedicated in all she does, always showing up to work 15 minutes early with a hard-working and patient attitude. She even came in early on the Saturday morning of Halloween to produce ice cream, which was an impressive feat, Canova said.

And when times get tough, she rolls up her sleeves and digs in.

“The freezer was broken one time. It wasn’t put together correctly, and we couldn’t get a part out,” Canova reflected. “Lucy and I spent, I think it was two-and-a-half hours, pulling on this part trying to get it out. By the end of the day, we both had bruises on our forearms from trying to pull it out. It was a good bonding [experience] with Lucy.”

One of Slizewski’s defining characteristics is her bright-colored hair. One of the ways she showcases her creative spirit is by switching its colors often.

“I always joke with her about what color she’s going to have in her hair next,” said Bailey Hauge, a junior at Iowa State University majoring in food science.

Hauge produced ice cream alongside Slizewski at the ISU Creamery from fall 2020 to fall 2021. After getting to know her, Hauge describes Slizewski as a creative, happy-go-lucky individual who embraces adversity.

“She has a good sense of creativity. She always thinks outside the box,” said Hauge. “She sticks through it, even if something is absolutely terrible – she still does it.”

Slizewski has created the perfect recipe for success at Iowa State by taking advantage of the opportunities Iowa State offers. In addition to working at the Iowa State Creamery, she’s been a teaching assistant, completed an internship at Thelma’s Cookies in Des Moines, IA, studied abroad in Ireland and led a charcuterie board building workshop through the College of Human Sciences.

“She’s very ambitious and very goal-oriented,” said Slizewski’s academic advisor Erica Beirman. “She doesn’t talk about it; she just does it. I love that she takes every opportunity thrown at her. She tries for every opportunity, and I think that’s why she’s been so successful with everything.”

Slizewski’s dream career is to work in product development at Taco Bell Headquarters, a company she’s loved for years.

If Slizewski could advise the high school senior who wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue in college, she would tell herself to “simply go for it.”

“I would tell myself to just take all the opportunities I can get,” Slizewski said. “To really just go for anything. Even if you don’t get the job or get whatever it is, just try, and you’ll be better for it.”

After graduating in the spring, Slizewski hopes to move out of the Midwest and land a job in product development at a company where she can fully showcase her creativity and knowledge.

“Iowa State has given me so many opportunities while I’m here,” Slizewski said. “I just really appreciate everything Iowa State has given me.”