Outcomes-driven education

Our goals are to prepare exceptional students for careers in food and nutrition sciences by continually evaluating and improving instructional pedagogy and teaching strategies, achieved by identifying, implementing and evaluating pedagogical models and teaching strategies to optimize learning outcomes and meet industry partner needs.


  • Malnutrition Assessment: in-Depth Training Improves Dietetic Interns’ Confidence and Use of Nutrition-Focused Physical Examination.
  • Choose Your Food Lunch Workshop: Using Mobile Technology to Practice Food Intake Assessment.
  • ThinkSpace Technology Improves Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Simulations.
  • Cyclone Scholars: Preparing Multicultural Students for Careers in Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention.
  • Cyclone Scholars: Preparing Multicultural Students for Careers in the Global Food System
  • Transdisciplinary Graduate Training Program in Childhood Obesity Using the Socio-ecologic Model
  • Team-based learning activities improve application of the nutrition care process in a dietetic internship
  • Peer Partners in Teaching: Peer observation and mentoring to improve teaching
  • Interprofessional education: Enhancing education through multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Quality matters skill development: Training for best practices of online teaching
  • Culinary Boot Camp experience: Effect on self-efficacy for food and nutrition behaviors

Research Areas

  • Collaborative or team-based learning 
  • Flipped classroom techniques
  • Distance education
  • Educational technology
  • Student engagement

Faculty Interests

Erin Bergquist, MPH, RD, LD, CNSC: Dietetics education, nutrition support, sustainable, resilient, and healthy food and water systems

Stephanie Clark, PhD: Dairy foods chemistry, microbiology and processing; sensory evaluation of foods

Mridul Datta, PhD, RD, LD, FAND: Dietetics education, oncology nutrition

J. Eliseo De Leon, PhD: materials science, polymers selection, polymers processing and characterization

Kathrine Gilbert, MS: Food science education – ingredient functionality, critical thinking and professional development

Anne Oldham, MS, RD, LD: Dietetics education

Ken Prusa, PhD: Sensory evaluation, meat quality

Alison St. Germain, MS, RD, LD: Education; geriatric nutrition; child adolescent and maternal health and nutrition; eating disorder awareness and prevention

Nicole Tramp, MS, RD, LD, CDE: Dietetics and Diabetes education

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