Verification Completion Checklist

Didactic Program in Dietetics
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Check if CompletedCourse NumberCourse Title
________FS HN 214Scientific Study of Food
________FS HN 115 or 215Food Preparation Laboratory or Advanced Food Preparation Laboratory
________FS HN 340Foundations of Dietetic Practice
________FS HN 360Advanced Nutrition and the Regulation of Metabolism
________FS HN 361Nutrition and Health Assessment
________FS HN 362Nutrition and Health Throughout the Lifecycle
________FS HN 367Medical Terminology for Health Professionals
________FS HN 392Food and Nutrition Services Management
________FS HN 411Food Ingredient Interactions and Formulations
________FS HN 430U.S. Health Systems and Policy
________FS HN 461 or NUTRS 561Medical Nutrition and Disease I
________FS HN 463 or NUTRS 563Community Nutrition and Health
________FS HN 464 or NUTRS 564Medical Nutrition and Disease II
________FS HN 466Nutrition Counseling and Education Methods
________HSP M 133Food Safety Certification
________HSP M 380Food Production Management
________HSP M 380LFood Safety Management Experience
________BBMB 301 or 316Survey of Biochemistry or Principles of Biochemistry
________CHEM 231 or 331Elementary Organic Chemistry or Organic Chemistry I
________MICRO 201 or 302Introduction to Microbiology or Biology of Microorganisms
________PSYCH 101Introduction to Psychology
________SP CM 212Fundamentals of Public Speaking
________STAT 101 or 104Principles of Statistics or Introduction to Statistics
________BIOL 255Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
________BIOL 256 or 335Fundamentals of Human Physiology or Principles of Human and Other Animal Physiology

This checklist is provided for advising purposes; updated 2023. The didactic program in dietetics director reviews academic coursework and issues a verification statement from Iowa State University when the student has completed the academic requirements of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

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