Learning Experiences

Creating learning experiences, both in and outside the classroom, to help students achieve the intended learning outcomes is an important element in the outcomes assessment process. This is accomplished through the following:

  • Identifying where college, department, and major-specific learning outcomes are addressed within the curriculum by faculty rating on the Food science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Outcomes Grid how much each outcome is addressed in each course using a scale of 0-3 (0=don’t do this at all, 1=touch on this only briefly, 2=spend a moderate about of time on this, 3=this a significant focus in the course).
  • Communicating to students through course syllabi the department and major-specific learning outcomes that are a significant focus in the course (i.e. 3’s).
  • Planning and documenting student learning outcomes, assignments/learning activities, and assessment methods in the FSHN Outcomes Chart.

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