Izabele Jaime’s Plate of Expertise

Izabele Jaime, a senior majoring in Culinary Food Science, has a unique academic journey. 

Originally from Mason City, Jaime had aspired to attend the Culinary Institute of America ever since middle school. However, as she approached the end of her high school career, she reconsidered those plans.  

“As I was reaching the end of high school, I realized the logistics of attending,” Jaime said. “In my head, it was a narrow road of opportunities after college.”  

With a passion for food and a love for science, Jamie discovered Iowa State had a major that combined two of her favorite things.

“I was lucky enough to stumble upon Culinary Food Science,” she said. “I applied and was accepted without previous visits or knowledge about the school.”  

Not only is Iowa State’s Cuninary Food Science program preparing her in the classroom with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the science that powers the food industry, she’s finding ways to enhance her future career outside the classroom.

She’s served as a Master Gardner research assistant and participated in the Pork Producers Competition, with her team winning first place the last two years.

Jaime serves as president of the Culinary Food Science Club, has led demonstrations at the Iowa State Fair, worked as a departmental intern and completed a three-day product development program with ConAgra.

“For those coming into this major, get involved! Everyone will hear this 100 times throughout college because it’s important,” she said.

Jamie shared some misconceptions about the field with the advice she’d give someone planning to major in Culinary Food Science.

“Ensure you have a passion for science [before majoring in Culinary Food Science],” she said.  “Often, others not within this major have the idea that we just cook all day. But, it’s about figuring out why things react the way they do and the scientific concepts that happen while cooking or baking. And, make sure you take advantage of opportunities – even if it seems scary!”  

This summer, Jaime will intern with Simmons Foods on their poultry team, where she will work on a project and be mentored by head chefs. At the end of her internship, she will present her project. 

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