Application and Admission

Students must apply to the Iowa State University Graduate College using the electronic application form. The department requests additional materials to complete an application packet. 

Students initially approved for admission to our program must secure an assistantship offer from one of our faculty before being officially admitted to our program.

Recommended Deadlines for Submitting Application Materials:

  • Spring semester – August 15th
  • Summer session – October 15th
  • Fall semester – December 1st

Applications will be Reviewed on the Following Dates:

  • August 15
  • October 15
  • December 1
  • February 1
  • April 1

Applications are accepted year round, but will only be reviewed on the above dates unless a food science faculty member requests a student applicant review. Decisions will be made one month after the deadline.

GRE codes: ISU – 6306; FST – 0107; NS – 0214

TOEFL codes: ISU – 6306; FST – 30; NS – 77

The following must be received in order for your application file to be complete for review by the Graduate Admissions Committee:

  1. Iowa State University Graduate College Application
  2. Applicant Supplemental Information Form
  3. Resume – required format
  4. Nonrefundable application fee: domestic applicants – $60; international applicants – $100
  5. Official academic transcripts from each college or university currently or previously attended. (Official transcripts from Iowa State University are not required.)
  6. Three letters of recommendation from faculty members and/or employers acquainted with the qualifications that would make the applicant a successful graduate student
  7. Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The GRE examination is WAIVED for fall 2021 applicants.
  8. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS. Required for non-native English speakers. Minimum requirement for TOEFL: 79. Minimum requirement for IELTS: 6.5. For more detailed requirements go to the ISU Graduate College Admission site.

Letter of recommendation process: Use the online letter of recommendation process on the Iowa State University Graduate College application.  When you include your recommenders’ names and e-mail addresses on the application form, they will be sent instructions on how to submit their letter electronically.  If recommenders prefer to submit a hard copy, they may download and complete the Letter of Recommendation form and submit it directly to our department.

Application Review Process:
Admission to the graduate school in Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is based on the following factors:

  • GRE verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing: GRE verbal and quantitative below a 290 must have additional experience in the below areas.
  • GRE analytical writing below a 3.5 must have additional experience in the below areas.
  • Grade Point Average: Must be above a 3.0 or a provision will be placed on admission.
  • Research Experience: summer or semester length research project in a food science related topic.
  • Teaching Experience: Semester length teaching experience counts as the main lecturer (does not have to be food science related; can be K-12 or 13 and beyond).
  • Extension Experience: summer or semester length research-based extension project in a food science related topic as lead of project and/or in the development or implementation.
  • Internship or Work History: summer or semester length internship with a food science related company, organization, or agency or related field and/or employment in a food science related company, organization or agency.
  • Scientific Publications (Peer-reviewed journals, poster presentations and oral competition): Please designate if you are first author, co-author, if the manuscript is published or submitted. In preparation does not count toward evaluation. Scientific poster presentation and oral competitions at the college/university, state, and national level are recognized.
  • Involvement in extracurricular group, club, or organization: Must hold a leadership position to be recognized (i.e. president, treasurer, secretary, etc.).

Letters of recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and Reasoning for Iowa State University and specific program will be used to determine analytical writing, potential as an outstanding graduate student and identification of which specific program your interest lies.

Include all relevant information within submitted resume for evaluation by the Food Science Graduate Admission Committee.

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