Graduate Study

Upon admission to the diet and exercise graduate program, the student is required to select a ”home” department based on the student’s primary area of interest:

  • Nutrition (food science and human nutrition)
  • Exercise science (kinesiology department)

The home department’s expectations of and resources available will apply to the diet and exercise student (for example, teaching assistant requirements, scholarships, travel expenses to professional meetings, etc.). Within the home department, the student is assigned a major professor according to the student’s area of research interest.

B.S. and M.S. Graduate Handbook

University, College and Departmental policies apply to the B.S. and M.S. program in diet and exercise in the same manner as other graduate programs. The Director of Graduate Education for the B.S. and M.S. in diet and exercise will discuss these policies, program requirements and expectations with admitted students after admission to the program. Students are required to sign and submit the last page of the handbook verifying that they understand and acknowledge the policies, requirements, and expectations outlined in the handbook.


As a fully admitted graduate student, the student is eligible for a graduate student assistantship. While graduate assistantships are not expected nor guaranteed for these students, they are eligible to accept graduate assistantships. Financial support of the graduate student is at the discretion of the major professor and student. While the intent of the program is timely completion of an M.S. degree (five years), acceptance of a graduate assistantship will likely extend the length of the program.


Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. are encouraged to work closely with their major professors and departmental director of graduate education. These students are strongly encouraged to include graduate-level biochemistry and physiology in their POS.


Students choosing to opt-out of the program after acceptance into the program, have the option to complete a single undergraduate degree in dietetics or kinesiology and health. If graduate coursework has been completed, the student is allowed to apply this coursework to either of the undergraduate programs as appropriate.

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